Jimmy P was born in 1962 and raised in Southeastern Massachusetts. He didn't become interested in music until high school, but soon would be living his life around music. He began buying recordings and going to see his favorite bands in the late 1970s.

Jimmy received his first guitar while in high school and was inspired by Jimi Hendrix. He took guitar lessons for a very short time during high school, but is essentially self taught. Spending little time to learn the songs of others, he has developed his own style.

Jimmy has undoubtedly been influenced by the music he has listened to over the years. His musical interests are varied and many. Click on the following button to check them out. 


From the time Jimmy received his first guitar, he has wanted to play in a band. Unfortunately his life experiences have gotten in the way.

During the early 1980s, Jimmy attended college and received an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. From the mid 1980s through the early 1990s, he had a job where he worked many hours of overtime and shift work. This prevented him from having much time to himself or to play guitar. Looking back, he feels that these years of extraordinary amounts of overtime were wasted years of his life.

After getting out of the high overtime job, Jimmy attended night school in the early through late 1990s, obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering Technology. This five year endeavor left him little time for anything. Other significant setbacks in the early 1990's included bankruptcy and divorce.

After the millennium, Jimmy again pushed forward. In 2002, he took some voice lessons, hoping to allow himself to be able to sing back-up vocals. He had taken a few voice lessons many years earlier, but had decided that he was not capable of singing. He did better the second time around. 

Through it all, Jimmy P has never lost sight of his life-long dream of forming a band and recording his music. After having little success with finding musicians to join him in his quest, he set out on his own and started playing his songs acoustically at open mic nights. He played in front of an audience for the first time in his life at age 42, on December 30, 2004 at the Kiskadee Coffee Company in Plymouth, MA.

Starting long after many musicians would have packed away their instruments, Jimmy is determined to succeed. He will continue on until RCKNRLL becomes the four piece rock band he envisions. A band with the showmanship of KISS and the song variety of Led Zeppelin. There is no stopping him now.

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